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Creative interpretation of a final assignment

Submitted on Monday, March 27, 2023

Lauren and Jenna holding the quilt made by Lauren
Master of Information student Lauren Carter created a quilt as a creative interpretation of her final assignment for the workshop – Information and Contemplation as part of the Library and Information Science Concentration.

“I love to make quilts,” said Carter. “I find it very meditative. My mother and my grandma sewed, and I ignored it. I would say that I don’t want anything to do with that. My grandma died ten years ago. Five years ago, I had a very intense pull toward quilting and I took a sewing class. And now I just want to turn everything into a quilt.”

The workshop, which is themed on the values of slowing down, mindfulness, and creativity, is taught by Prof. Jenna Hartel.

“The course really celebrates and recognizes each student’s authentic creativity and capability working with information, and it’s ok if that means a quilt,” said Prof. Hartel. “This is a multimedia information age where we message in many different ways and whether it’s a final paper, a group presentation, or a quilt, they are all valid forms of work for our students. And I should add that Lauren got an A+ in my course.”