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The past, present and future of digital privacy for youth and children

Submitted on Wednesday, May 12, 2021

In the first of two posts, Professor Leslie Regan Shade and PhD students, Monica Jean Henderson and Katie Mackinnon — who are all researchers on The eQuality Project– introduce the implications of Canada’s proposed Bill C-11 for youth and children’s digital privacy. They reflect on the differences between the current legislation under review, past privacy protection policies in Canada, and concurrent efforts underway across the world to address the complexities of a digital era—especially to balance the risks and opportunities of the online space for minors.

In the second post, Shade, Henderson and Mackinnon explore research on children’s and youth’s experiences of the online space, their unique needs for privacy protections, and how their conceptions of digital tools and the corporations that make them might be better informed through digital literacy education.

The eQuality Project explores young people’s experiences of privacy and equality in networked environments, with a particular focus on youth from marginalized communities.