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Updates re the Master of Museum Studies Program: Letter from Cara Krmpotich

Submitted on Friday, March 27, 2020

Dear Museum Studies Students,

Over the past two weeks, we have been developing contingency plans for internships in light of Covid 19.

As of March 27, our plan to support students in their learning goals includes:

1) Offering the internship course during the summer of 2020, adjusting the expected length of the internship to a minimum of 8 weeks (~35 hours/week, for a total of 280 hours). Given the current restrictions in Canada, only remote placements are possible, but if the situation changes later in the summer, it may be the case that on-site 8-week placements would be possible.


2) Offering a modified internship during the Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 term, where students can take on paid or unpaid positions, for a minimum of 280 hours, over the two terms.

In both 1) and 2) above, students who secure unpaid positions will be eligible for a $1600 CDN stipend from the Faculty of Information.

3) We are also in the process of adding summer Museum Studies courses to our offerings.

On a less formal note, starting the week of April 13th, I will be hosting weekly virtual drop-in sessions, featuring different professors and professionals, sharing their recent work and encouraging discussion. Stay tuned for more details!

My thanks to the faculty, staff, alumni, long-standing partners in the sector, and students whose input and advice have helped shape these plans.

Stay well, and stay kind,


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