Print, copy, scan

Services for FI students

Copy, print, and scan services are available to students through the TCard+ payment system, on the 4th floor.  You must add $$ to your TCard in order to use the copier and printers.  The copier is also a scanner.


Name Model Location Type Double-sided? Staples
B&W photocopier/scanner Ricoh MP6002 4th floor B&W Y Y
B&W printer Ricoh SP6430 4th floor B&W N
Colour printer Ricoh SPC831 4th floor Col N


4th floor Inforum workstations:
Both the iMac and Windows workstations print to the B&W printer by default. Swipe your Tcard to pay first, then release the print job at the print release station. Unlike the PCs, the iMacs do not issue a prompt with the cost of a job.

4th floor public workstation:
As above.

Wireless printing from laptops:
Send print jobs to an Inforum printer from a laptop, swipe your Tcard to pay, then release the job from the print release station.

Instructions on setting up your laptop for wireless printing (Campus Wireless Network):
Windows  |  Mac OS X  |  Linux

Faculty of Information wireless printers to choose:
IS-BW for the Inforum black & white printer  |  IS-Colour for the Inforum colour printer


  • Masters’ students:  B&W copying is available on the 4th floor  |  No colour copying is available
  • PhD students, faculty, and staff: Use the Room 607 photocopier with your code
  • Faculty and staff: Main office photocopier is also available
  • When photocopying copyright-protected works, please do so according to the University of Toronto’s fair dealing guidelines.


  • The photocopier acts as a B&W or colour scanner
  • Scanned documents can be emailed, or saved on USB flash drives.  |  Flash drives are available for borrowing at the Information Desk
  • When scanning copyright-protected works, please do so according to the University of Toronto’s fair dealing guidelines.

Pricing & paying

  • B&W printing & copying: 15 cents/page    |    Colour printing: $1.00/page    |    Scanning is free
  • Payment must be made through the T-card+ online service.
  • Cash-to-card machines are no longer available, and there is no provision for cash payments
  • TCard+ refers to paying for services with your TCard.
  • $$ added to your TCard is referred to as TBucks, which is an account on your TCard that can be loaded with $$ online
  • Login with your UTORid & password at to get to your account.  |  You can check your balance once you are signed in
  • Funds deposited are available immediately
  • If you are NOT a current member of the U of T community, you may purchase a Guest Card.
  • Questions?  Check this TCard+ FAQ