Hiu-Fung Chung

Supervisor: Julie Yujie Chen

Hiu-Fung Chung is a first-year PhD student in the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto. He has completed his B.Ed. in Liberal Studies and a M.Phil. in Communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His recent research focuses on labour and work, digital capitalism, inequalities, critical platform studies, and political sociology with an emphasis on East Asian context. His work has appeared in peer-reviewed journals, including International Political Science Review, China Perspectives, and Chinese Journal of Communication.

Alongside his academic research, he has a keen interest in documentary making. His latest co-directing documentary “Goodbye, Aberdeen,” is a personal film mirroring the current socio-historical transition of Hong Kong. This project received the 2021-22 Eye Catcher Incubation Award from Renaissance Foundation Hong Kong and was shortlisted for CNEX Chinese Doc Forum 2022.

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