Information and Communication Technologies, Design, and Marginality


The course (INF2201H — Information and Communication Technologies, Design, and Marginality) is designed to help students understand the opportunities and tensions in designing for individuals and communities in different cultures and geographies. In recent times, technology companies are looking to push their products to new markets as well as design new products for communities around the globe. There have also been discussions on the ethical responsibilities of technology companies as well as the values built into designed technologies. This course will critically examine the social impact of technologies around the world, especially in developing contexts. It will provide students with necessary exposure to historical and contemporary issues in global development, and how they relate to the design of technologies. The course will prepare the students for a work environment that increasingly demands an awareness of the cultural, social, and political issues related to designing and implementing technologies in different parts of the world. The course will draw from multiple disciplinary perspectives, including Human-Computer Interaction, Information and Communication Technology and Development (ICTD), Science and Technology Studies (STS), and development studies. This course has no prerequisites.