Information Professional Practicum I

Master of Information

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Practica in selected aspects of professional work designed for advanced level students to strengthen and build on theoretical knowledge and to develop specialized skill in aspects of professional information work and environments through supervised experiential learning and seminar presentations.

Pre-requisite: At least four (4) required courses in your concentration in addition to INF1005H and INF1006H Information Workshops.

Exclusion: INF3910Y – Workplace Project.

Note: This course (INF2173H — Information Professional Practicum) is offered in the Winter session.

Always check posted timetable for delivery format.

The iSchool partners with information professionals and organizations that have a track record with us: the place and the professionals in it must be able to devote time to supervising and mentoring you in their work.

General Description

The goal of the practicum is to provide you with hands-on experience to supplement your theoretical knowledge and to help you develop professional competencies.

Assignments are carefully structured to fit with the workplace and the classes are designed to focus on professional issues and workplace practices in different environments. The aim is to foster sharing, to deepen knowledge through experience, and to promote a high standard of professional practice and conduct in information work.

The places and projects are assembled by the iSchool in the term before the course, and these are offered to students enrolled in the course on their first class (or as determined by the instructors). Each placement is discussed so that you can make a choice that is informed by your interests as well as the opportunities that are on offer.

Students select their placements based on the proposals hosts provide. You are also welcome to arrange your own placement in consultation with the iSchool Careers Officer ahead of time to make sure the placement would be suitable.

Time Commitment

The course involves a placement and a project that should take the equivalent of at least three weeks of full time work at the site (i.e. 105 hours).

The timing of this work is a matter of negotiation between you and your chosen site. In addition to the placement you have regular assignments for the course which meets as a seminar on a frequent basis.

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