Leading the way in shaping the information field.

Faculty members participate in groundbreaking, interdisciplinary research that investigates information in its many manifestations. Our researchers are leading the way in shaping the information field.

Some current research topics

What social media’s big data tells us about domestic violence and sexual assault with Assistant Professor Jia Xue

How children use digital technology in their daily lives with Associate Professor Sara Grimes and Professor Leslie Shade

Critical making and human-computer interaction with Associate Professor Matt Ratto, holder of the Bell University Labs Chair.

Pondering the impact of Artificial Intelligence on humans with Professor Brian Cantwell Smith, holder of the Reid Hoffman Chair

Exploring the “born digital” world with Associate Professor Alan Galey

Researching Innovation in the porn industry with Assistant Professor Patrick Keilty

Research News

February 11, 2021
Together with a group of academics, Associate Professor Christoph Becker has released a report calling for a new future for technology. Its title — Defund...