From Classroom to Workplace


Where a university (or any formal educational setting) is student-centered and focused on facilitating student learning, a workplace is focused on its own strategic goals, stakeholders, and clients. Student learning is peripheral to the purpose of the organization. While it is assumed that any organization that engages a practicum student has a commitment to the educational value of the experience for all parties, employers are not responsible for the student’s academic development. In order for learning to occur in the workplace, the processes associated with learning (cognitive, emotional, affective, etc.) must be made conscious and accessible to the learner. This is the overriding purpose of this course (INF401H1 — From Classroom to Workplace): to create independent, autonomous and self-directed learning professionals.

Pre-requisite courses: INF301H1 – Introduction to Information and Power and
INF302H1 – Integrative Approaches to Technology and Society, or based on instructor’s permission

Note: Previous course title prior to September 2022 is “Practicum Prep”