Libraries, Archives, Museums: Intersections and Tensions


The course (INF2185H — Libraries, Archives, Museums: Intersections and Tensions) will compare the traditions, theories, and perspectives of LAMs, focusing on:

  • the evolution of LAMs from the early modern period to the present day
  • LAMs as physical, symbolic and discursive spaces
  • professional ethics and values across LAMs
  • organization of knowledge in and across LAMs
  • interpretation and meaning-making in and across LAMs
  • LAMs, justice, and human rights
  • LAMs and Indigenous human rights (including LAM responses to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s calls to action)
  • participation, social inclusion and social justice in and across LAMs.

Pre-requisite: For full-time students: successful completion of year 1 of either: the Combined Degree Program (CDP), or the MMSt or MI program. For part-time students: successful completion of 4 F.C.E.s in the CDP, or the MMSt or MI program.

Note: Formerly a special topics course with course code INF2195H.  Effective fall 2020, the course is a regular course.