Speculative Design


INF2260H — Speculative Design

Speculative design explores the possibilities of user experience and technology design by emphasizing imagination, inspiration, and creativity techniques. These techniques are used by sci-fi writers, futurists, and designers to envision different design futures, such that these futures can be explored through multiple lenses (e.g. social, technical, economic, political, etc.). The explorations provide a means to reason about implications of user experience and technology designs, thereby providing foci for future research. This course will provide students experience with speculative design techniques, and skills to interrogate the artefacts and visions produced from these techniques, as well as direct hands-on experiences with this type of “futuring.”

Note: 2nd+ year students only

Pre-requisite course: INF2191H. For winter 2022, 1st year students can not take INF2191H and INF2260H concurrently.