User-Centred Systems for Communication


This course (INF2208H — User-Centered Systems for Communication) will introduce students to concepts related to systems for human-human and human-agent communication. In particular, the course covers the theoretical mechanisms and UI/UX design principles for developing technology to support communication through the system (e.g. teleconferencing), around the system (e.g. collaborative software and hardware), and directly with the system (e.g. human communication with intelligent agents). The course will provide students with a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical application of that knowledge. Specifically, the course focuses on developing the foundational knowledge driving the design of these systems, and on examining the practical design mechanisms for their support. In the course, students are exposed to existing academic research and publications on design for communication, as well as current practices in the industry around their implementation in practical scenarios. Key trends in design practice will be illustrated with current examples. The course also emphasizes the need for designing with consideration for privacy, diversity, and communication ethics, and demonstrates how and when core UX research methods are applicable.

Pre-requisite courses: INF1602H or INF2169H, or equivalent