Indigenous Action and Anti-Colonialism Committee

The Faculty of Information’s Indigenous Action and Anti-colonialism Committee provides feedback and guidance to the Faculty of Information on issues related to its commitment to implementing the Calls to Action of the National Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

The areas of focus of the IAACC include:

Planning & Strategy
Provide strategic guidance and consultation within Faculty strategic planning processes, Faculty Council, and other governance and strategic contexts to integrate Indigenous matters at a structural level.

Teaching and Learning
Work in an advisory role in curriculum development and planning initiatives. Facilitate transformative teaching and learning opportunities in relation to anti-colonization, anti-racism and Indigenous-specific learning (Indigenous methodologies and ways of knowing and being).

Explore measures to build and support strong ties to the ethical practice of Indigenous research and strengthen ties to Indigenous research groups on campus.

Community Engagement
Develop and strengthen reciprocal and restorative relationships with on and off campus community partners.

Recruitment, Retention and Advancement
Examine ways to support the recruitment and retention of Indigenous students into all programs; Develop a set of considerations to support the recruitment of Indigenous faculty.

Committee membership is comprised of one student from each degree program in the Faculty, and six other members who are not students and who are interested in committed to and/or knowledgeable in Indigenous matters, including teaching staff, administrative staff, alumni, and community partners within the UofT community or beyond.

If you are interested in the activities of the IAACC, or would like to participate, you can reach out by email to