Wendy Newman Library Leadership Award

The Wendy Newman Library Leadership Award was established in 2015 upon the retirement of Wendy Newman, a champion of public librarianship who also lectured at the Faculty of Information for more than a decade. The award recognizes her longstanding commitment to the Faculty of Information and to building principled library leadership capacity in the broader profession. It was generously endowed with a $25,000 gift from the Newman family and contributions from faculty, staff and the broader professional community.

The award will help build leadership capacity in the library sector by enabling alumni of the Faculty of Information to pursue professional development opportunities at intensive library leadership development programs. The award is designed to be given on annual basis at a value determined by the Faculty of Information Alumni Association. This year, the value of the award is $1500.

Information about donating to the Wendy Newman Library Leadership Award can be found at Donate Online.

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