MI Co-Operative Education Option

A co-operative education (Co-op) is an academic program coupled with experiential education attained in partnership between students, employers and an academic institution. The MI Co-op is an option within the MI program to complete 2 consecutive, paid, full-time Co-op work terms and gain professional experience in your field of study. It is an opportunity to apply knowledge in a real world situation and gain academic credit for it.

How does Co-op work?

The MI Co-op option will provide you with an opportunity to alternate academic terms with co-op work terms. As an MI Co-op student, you will have the chance to work in a full-time, paid position for two 4-month periods, or one 8-month period.

Academic Credit
Once accepted into the Co-op, you will enroll in two Co-op courses, each worth 0.5 (FCE) credits, for each of the work terms. These courses will be graded “credit/non-credit” and will appear on your transcript.

We’re Here to Support You

All MI Co-op students will attend required career-related workshops to assist with planning their Co-op work terms, the Co-op hiring process and future career plans.The Co-op Director, a faculty member, will be organizing two co-op specific sessions prior to the start of your work term, in order to prepare your for the co-op experience.
Co-op students will also have access to Co-op postings starting in January of their first year. Each Co-op student is responsible for sending an application to the employer, completing an interview, if invited, and obtaining an offer of employment. The Co-op Coordinator will be available to assist you with all of the steps in this process.

For more information, please contact: iSchool Careers Officer

To view the September 2017 co-op information session presentation, click hereMI Co-op Info Session Sept 2017

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