Accessibility Services

The role of Accessibility Services is to facilitate the inclusion of students with disabilities into all aspects of university life by focusing on skills development, especially in the areas of self-advocacy and academic skills.

Services are provided to students with a documented disability. It can be physical, sensory, a learning disability, or a mental health disorder. Students with temporary disabilities (e.g. broken arm) are also eligible for the service. If you are unsure if you should be connecting with Accessibility Services, you can always consult with their intake coordinator to discuss.

Once students submit their registration package, they will first go through an intake interview to discuss their eligibility and needs. Where appropriate, students are referred to one of the Service’s professionals (e.g. Adaptive Technologist Consultant, Learning Disability Specialist) to discuss strategies and determine accommodations. All discussions are kept confidential with Accessibility Services and information is disclosed outside the Service only with permission of the student.

To register and review required documents:

Services provided include:

  • Academic accommodations
  • Note-taking services
  • Adaptive equipment & assistive devices
  • Alternative format for printed materials
  • Information & resource materials on health conditions & disability related issues
  • Liaison with academic & administrative units within the University & with off-campus agencies
  • Assist students with disabilities to apply for disability-related financial assistance

To better assist our students with their accessibility needs, the Faculty has an on-location Accessibility Advisor, Alexa Quach. To book an appointment, email Please state that you would like to book a meeting with Alexa Quach at the Faculty of Information.

Information update for Fall 2021 term:

Accessibility Services has confirmed the deadline for students to register and access their academic and practicum accommodations for Fall 2021 term. Students are asked to complete their Student Intake Form before 5 pm, Wednesday, July 14th 2021. The steps to register online are here:

Students are welcome to register after this deadline however they should note that their accommodations may not be ready for the start of Fall 2021 classes if they register after this date. As always, students are welcome to start the registration process with the Student Intake Form even if they do not yet have documentation or are not sure how to obtain documentation. Accessibility Services can assist students with navigating this process if needed.

Just a few reminders:

If you are sharing information with students who are looking for general information on how to register, how to obtain documentation, filling out the intake form, please let them know they can inquire directly with Accessibility Services reception team at (416) 978-8060 or for any assistance.

If you would like to make staff referral on behalf of a student for a consultation appointment with me, especially if you feel a warm introduction would be most beneficial, or if the student is not sure if they should register, feel free to email to connect me with the student directly.

Please note there are no Accessibility Services drop-ins with any Accessibility Advisors this summer given our limited capacity with phone/virtual services, however this does mean that advisors have more appointment availability to see students.

Other programming: