Your Future in Information or Museum Studies

A UofT iSchool education will open many doors for you and can lead to rewarding careers. You will acquire and develop valuable knowledge and skills with which you can join an established organization or become an entrepreneur.

In many instances, the identical professional skill set matches a wide variety of job titles and duties, as individual employers are crafting roles to suit their particular needs. The general skills that can be fostered include:

Intellectual Skills
Critical thinking
Research skills
Assessment and analysis
Commitment to continuous learning
Understanding of current and emerging technologies
Creativity & Communication Skills
Innovative problem solving
Presenting ideas clearly
Effective oral communication skills
Effective written communication skills
Leadership Skills
Interpersonal skills
Planning & organizing
Managing resources & services
Ability to work cooperatively
Project ManagementUser perspective approach
Customer service orientation
Team work in multicultural environments


  • Careers in Museum Studies

  • Careers in Information Studies