Student Services

The Office of Student Services has overall responsibility for the administration of all academic programs.

Welcome to the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto. Thank you for having us being a part of your educational journey. We would like your time with us to be enriching, multi-faceted, and well supported so that you may become the best version of yourself!

The Office of Student Services serves as the home base for any questions you might have: academic, administrative, financial, personal, etc, especially when you find yourself asking the question: what do I do now? We are here to help and point you in the right direction. You can contact us via email (, phone (416-978-3234), or visit us in-person in the Bissell Building (140 St. George Street), 4th floor.

As part of the Faculty’s communication strategy with students, weekly e-newsletters will be sent to share with students on news items, deadlines, course spotlights, special notices, job postings, etc. To help ensure that we can always reach out you, please review the Communication and emergency contact section below.

Inforum 4th floor, Bissell Building; tel: 416-978-3234; email:

If you wish to locate a specific member of the Student Services team, Program Director, Concentration Liaison, or Collaborative Specialization liaison, you may wish to access the Help Hub directory.


Quick links:

  • Program & Courses: degree requirements, course information, course schedules
  • Academic regulations: academic performance, sanctions, appeals
  • Enrollment & Registration: course enrollment how-to’s, taking external courses, transfer credits, confirmation of registration
  • Money Matters: tuition fees, awards & scholarships, financial aid, PhD funding
  • Career services: work-integrated learning opportunities (Co-op, internships, practicums), job shadowing, ask an alum
  • Wellness & Learning: Faculty, University and external resources on academic, financial, health & wellness, and safety
  • Information Security: University’s information security awareness & education initiative

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Communication and emergency contact

Section directory:

Important note regarding the use of UofT email address for correspondences

Following the University’s Policy on Official Correspondenceall official communication from the Faculty will be sent to your  UTmail+ email address for all University-related items.

All official communication from the University must be sent to your UTmail+ email account. These messages may contain important, time-sensitive information. It is your responsibility to regularly monitor and ensure these messages are read on a frequent and consistent basis. We are not responsible for any delays or forwarding issues that may arise if UTmail+ is not used.

UTmail+ on ACORN
We will be updating our email lists with contact information pulled from ACORN on Wednesday, September 30th. Please ensure that you update ACORN with your official UTmail+ email address by Tuesday, September 29th. You will first need to obtain your TCard and activate your UTORid with activation code from TCard Office.

All non-UofT email addresses will be removed from the listserv starting October 1st.

If you have been removed from the listserv, follow these steps to be re-added to the listserv:

  • Update to a UTmail+ address (instructions in link above)
  • Update ACORN with your new email
  • Email iSchool Student Services with your official UTmail+ address: 

For help with UTmail+ email issues, please contact:
Information Commons Help desk
Robarts Library, 1st Floor
130 St. George Street
Phone: (416) 978-HELP (4357)

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Personal & Emergency Contact Information on ACORN

Verify and ensure that all personal contact information in ACORN is correct and up-to-date at all times. This includes your activated UTmail+ email address, mailing/permanent addresses, phone numbers and legal status. The University only uses information entered in ACORN to contact students.

Add an Emergency Contact
Please provide both Emergency Contact and Next-of-Kin information online using ACORN. It is important for registered students at the University of Toronto to identify at least one person who can be contacted in the event of an emergency.

Providing this information is voluntary. By entering emergency contact and next of kin information in ACORN, students are authorizing the release of academic information to these individuals in the case of an emergency.

Instructions for recording emergency contact information in ACORN:

  • Go to
  • Click the Profile & Settingsoption in the left hand sidebar
  • Select Display and Update Emergency Contact
  • Select Add New (either Emergency Contact Type or Next of Kin Contact Type)

Register your Emergency Contact Information
Register to – UofT’s mass messaging system to communicate with students, faculty and staff in the event of an emergency.

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Bissell Building Fire and Emergency Evacuation Preparedness

Two important numbers to know are:
416-978-2222 – UofT Campus Police (Urgent Matters)

This message is to bring to your attention the fire and emergency evacuation routes we have throughout the Bissell building.

Take a few moments do a walkabout to become familiar with the locations of our building’s emergency exits. I suggest that you carefully review the floors that you use most often such as the location of your office, lab, or classroom.

In an emergency, avoid using the elevators. If you cannot use the stairs, stay somewhere safe and call or ask someone to tell the emergency crew where you are stationed and what sort of assistance you require.

After you leave the building, if it is safe to do so, congregate at the north-west corner of St. George and Sussex streets near Innis College. Do not re-enter the building for any reason until the emergency team has given the “all clear”.

Feel free to contact the main office with any questions or concerns you have regarding these fire and emergency evacuation procedures or any other safety or security related issues.

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