Money Matters

Timeline for Money Matters

Below, we have created a general timeline on big items that students should keep an eye on at different times of the year. Bear in mind that the dates/deadlines for each award or financial aid program could change from year to year. It is your responsibility to review the specific details for anything that you wish to apply to. Students Services will send out individual award deadline reminders through our newsletters.

Unless specifically indicated, the information applies to both current and incoming students.

For tuition fee payment deadlines, please refer to the Tuition & Fees information page.

Timeline for Financial Awards Applications
General Timeline Action More Information
June Domestic students: Apply for OSAP or other provincial government loans for the Fall and Winter academic year Financial Aid
July Talk to your bank about a line of credit or look into the Scotialine program Financial Aid
August Apply for the Omnibus Awards application

Make or defer Fall / Winter tuition payments

Apply for on-campus part-time (Work-Study) positions

Doctoral students: Start preparing your CGS-D application




CGS-D Awards

September Doctoral students: CGS-D application deadline CGS-D Awards
October / November Master’s students: Students who are eligible to receive the PMFA will be informed and the funds will be transferred to your ACORN account

Master’s students: Start preparing your CGS-M application

Financial Aid

Professional Master Financial Aid (PMFA)

CGS-M Awards

December Master’s Students: CGS-M application deadline

Incoming Doctoral & Master’s students: Start preparing your OGS application

CGS-M Awards

OGS Awards

January Incoming Master’s & Doctoral Students: OGS application deadline

Current Master’s & Doctoral Students: Start preparing your OGS application

OGS Awards
March Current Master’s & Doctoral Students: OGS application deadline OGS Awards
May Apply for the SGS University-wide awards SGS University-Wide Awards