Bachelor of Information Practicum

The BI Practicum is an experiential learning opportunity attained in partnership between students, employers and the Faculty of Information. During the summer term of Year 1, all BI students are required to complete a practicum placement in order to gain professional experience. The practicum is an opportunity to apply skills and knowledge learned in the classroom towards a professional setting. Many students have been able to secure full-time employment in well-known organizations or start-up companies, while others have landed fulfilling work study positions on campus. Students also receive academic credit for this work-integrated learning opportunity.

The BI’s integrative, critical, humanities, and social science based approach to information technologies and practices will prepare students for vital and enriching careers in three areas: Products & Systems, Policy & Research, Information Management & Cultural Stewardship.

Sample Careers:

Business Analyst
Data Scientist
Design Researcher
Digital Archives Assistant
Information Architect
Interactive Media Designer
Knowledge Management Specialist
Privacy Analyst
Policy Analyst
Social Media Strategist
User Experience Designer
Archives Assistant
Information Management Coordinator
Web Publisher
Research Analyst
Records & Systems Manager
Product Designer

For questions pertaining to the BI Practicum, please contact our Careers team at

Practicum Overview

  • One of the avenues for you to develop professional competencies
  • Engage with industry professional and build your community
  • Designed to meet your individual career goals and interests
  • Develop professional identity and build the bridge from student to emerging professional
  • Prepare for the demands of today’s changing workforce through experiential education


  • Minimum of 100 hours
  • Industry or start-up company
  • Work-study position (Role must align with professional interests)
  • Paid or Unpaid
  • Project or Task based


Fall term

  1. Begin to define interests, attend networking events, follow up
  2. Take practicum preparation course: INF401H1
  3. Apply to summer student internship opportunities offered by large organizations
  4. International students connect with CIE for work permit details

Winter term

  1. Continue practicum preparation course: INF401H1
  2. Continue to apply for industry positions; broaden search
  3. Apply to work study positions


  1. Practicum
  2. Take work-integrated learning practicum course: INF402H1


Careers Office

The careers team is here to support you on your journey towards becoming an emerging professional.  We can help identify and build the necessary skills to succeed in the workplace.

We offer:

  • one-on-one career advising
  • resume/cover letter review
  • mock interview
Questions? Connect with us by email:

Self Assessment Tools

Some students embark on this adventure with the intention of defining their goals as they move forward in the program.  There are some tools to help you reflect internally to identify what your strengths and preferences are.

16 Personalities

The CliftonStrengths Finder

The Myers & Briggs Type Indicator



International Students

International students need to have a valid Co-op work permit to work in Canada.


  1. Summer (prior to arrival in September): apply for study permit with the offer of admission
  2. Year 1 Fall term: receive the BI Practicum confirmation letter from the Faculty – start the online application process for the Co-op work permit
  3. Study/work permit inquiries can only be answered by licensed Immigration Advisors. The Faculty is limited in their ability to answer these queries. Please connect with one of the University’s licensed immigration advisors by contacting the Centre of International Experience (CIE) at or visit their website at:

Co-op Work Permit Application 

Please be advised that the application process can be quite lengthy, sometimes taking upwards of 4 to 5 months for processing. We strongly recommend beginning the process as soon as possible to avoid any potential delays. Review the links below for additional information about how to begin your application. You should not start the work placement until you have the co-op work permit.

Please also note that the co-op work permit can only be used to complete the work associated with your degree requirement. It is illegal for you to use the co-op work permit longer than that, or to use it for jobs that will not satisfy your degree requirement.

Should you have any questions, there is additional support available via the university’s Centre for International Experience. Please connect with an Immigration Advisor at as only licensed immigration advisors are able to answer study/work permit application questions.

VIDEO GUIDES – Co-op work permit information and application process

Please view the videos below to guide you with your permit application.