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Our Help Hub contains a detailed directory of the members of the Student Services team, Program Directors and MI Concentration Liaisons, and our Collaborative Specialization Coordinators. If you are unsure who to contact, please direct your inquiry to the Student Services team at Please avoid emailing multiple individuals with the same query.

Student Services Team

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Advising Appointments

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Student Services Directory

Student Services Directory
Student Services Support Coordinator Min Kang 416-978-3234
Program, Technology & Student Services Administrator Anna Oh 416-978-5767
Registrarial & Scheduling Administrator Carol Ng 416-978-8686
Recruitment & Admissions Assistant Sabeen Nauman 
Recruitment & Admissions Officer Aleesha Singh
Engagement Coordinator

Sana Khan N/A
Associate Registrar, Recruitment & Admissions Andrea DiBiase 416-946-8313
Advisor & Program Administrator (PhD / MI / MMSt) Christine Chan 416-946-5315
Associate Registrar, Student Advising & Engagement Lindsay Jackowetz 416-978-3234
Interim Advisor & Program Administrator [PhD / MI / MMst] Vacant TBD TBD
Instructional Support Coordinator Daisy Dowdall (on leave) 416-978-5542
Educational Developer (UDL) Joanna Lau 416-978-0878
Manager, Co-op, Careers and Work Integrated Learning Esmeralda Prifti N/A
Career and Work-Integrated Learning Advisor Aziza Virani N/A
Career and Work-Integrated Learning Advisor Judy Jia N/A
Career and Work-Integrated Learning Advisor Carlos Moreira N/A
Assistant Dean, Registrarial & Student Services Andrea McGee 416-978-1110

Academic Team

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Academic Team Directory

Contact information for our academic team (Deans, Directors, Coordinators, and Concentration Liaisons) for 2023-24.
Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning Prof. Olivier St-Cyr
Associate Dean, Research Prof. Matt Ratto
Bachelor of Information (BI) Program Director Prof. Seamus Ross (Jul-Dec 2023)

Prof. Maher Elshakankiri (Jan-Jun 2024)

Master of Information (MI) Program Director Prof. Colin Furness
ARM Concentration Liaison Prof. Fiorella Foscarini
CIPS Concentration Liaison Prof. Wendy Duff
C&T Concentration Liaison Prof. Wendy Duff
HCDS Concentration Liaison Prof. Shion Guha
ISD Concentration Liaison Prof. Maher Elshakankiri (Jul-Dec 2023)

Prof. Tao Wang (Jan-Jun 2024)

KMIM Concentration Liaison Prof. Fiorella Foscarini 
LIS Concentration Liaison Prof. Jenna Hartel
UXD Concentration Liaison Prof. Velian Pandeliev
Master of Museum Studies (MMSt) Program Director Prof. Irina Mihalache
Combined Degree Program (CDP) Coordinator Prof. Irina Mihalache
Doctoral (PhD) Program Director Prof. Patrick Keilty

Collaborative Specializations

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Collaborative Specialization Coordinators Directory


Contact information for our Collaborative Specialization Coordinators.
Aging, Palliative & Support Care Vacant
Book History & Print Culture Prof. Fiorella Foscarini
Environmental Studies Prof. Christoph Becker
Food Studies Prof. Irina Mihalache
Jewish Studies Prof. Costis Dallas
Knowledge Media Design Prof. Mary Elizabeth Luka
Sexual Diversity Studies Prof. Patrick Keilty
Women & Gender Studies Prof. Patrick Keilty