Part-Time Student Resources

This page applies to Master of Information (MI) part-time students only.

Faculty of Information Resources

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to Student Services.

Below are links and resources which are particularly useful for Part-Time students at the Faculty of Information. Note that the University offers a wealth of services and supports beyond this list.

    • Health Insurance Opt-Out — If you already have health insurance, you can request to opt-out of the Graduate Students health and dental benefits. You must opt-out annually, at the beginning of the term you are first registered in.
    • Faculty of Information Enrolment and Registration — Explore this guide to learn more about a range of topics from auditing courses to taking a leave of absence.
      • Part-Time (PT) Course Load Information —  Find out more about recommended course loads and course load requirements for part-time students.
      • COURSE AVAILABILITY – Many courses, including core and required courses, are only offered during the day. The MI degree program is not designed to be completed with evening classes only. Summer session is considered optional and only elective courses may be offered.

Financial Aid

Financial aid/support for part-time students typically come in the form of government student aid (e.g. OSAP, BC Aid, Alberta loans, etc.). Be sure to be applying on time so that you get considered for the maximum support from the federal and provincial government.

Additional support from the Faculty could come in the form of awards and scholarships. Many of our internal Faculty awards consider applicants based on academic merit, extra-curricular activities and financial need.

For students that are met with an unexpected financial situation (i.e. emergency), the Faculty and the University might be able to support through emergency grants and / or loans. Students will be required to elaborate on how the emergency situation / event placed them in financial hardship.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to Student Services.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Our part-time students are eligible to consider the following work-integrated learning opportunities to complement their coursework/thesis pathway in the MI program:

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to Student Services.

Additional Student Resources

Part-Time Students Working Group (PTWG), Master of Information Student Council (MISC)

    • A MISC-affiliated working group, which advocates for part-time students within the iSchool. The PTWG attends MISC meetings om behalf of part-time students, organizes social events on behalf of part-time students, conduct an annual survey of part-time students and reports to iSchool staff, faculty and student leadership on issues relating to part-time students.

School of Graduate Studies (SGS) Resources & Supports

    • The University of Toronto is full of resources to help you at every phase of your graduate student journey. This information page is a collection of resources you may find useful.