Advocacy and Library Issues


This course (INF2152H — Advocacy and Library Issues) will provide students with knowledge needed to understand the advocacy process and exercise professional leadership in the advocacy of library issues. Such advocacy may relate to policy, funds, support, or partnership, and may be directed to internal or external decision-makers. The course includes the nature of advocacy and its relationship to promotion and marketing, decision-makers’ environments and their perceptions of libraries, research on influence, and the identification and strategic engagement of influencers and decision-makers. Major emphasis is on the development of advocacy programs (objectives, target groups, obstacles, communication tools, and evaluation). Although the course focuses on publicly funded libraries, most principles, examples, and case studies are relevant to all types of libraries and to related institutions.

As of January 2018, pre-requisite is:  INF1321H or INF1322H or INF1323H or INF1324H

Former pre/co-requisite was INF1230H Management of Information Organizations OR permission of instructor

Delivery method: Distance. See below for fixed time requirements.

Participation of all students registered in this course is REQUIRED at the following specified times:

Note: Fall 2014 was the last anticipated offering of this course. There are no plans to offer this course in the foreseeable future.

Note: Delivery method: Distance, however there are fixed time requirements. See under description above.