Print and Digital Bibliography


This course (INF2159H — Print and Digital Bibliography) examines books and other textual artifacts as material objects, focusing on methods of production and manufacture, and how they affect the transmission of texts. Students are introduced to theories and methods of bibliographical description and analysis, and to their application across a range of media, including digitized and born-digital texts. Classes cover the history of textual production, from hand-press to digital books, and its relevance to disciplines such as librarianship, digital curation, media studies, and digital humanities.

Pre-requisites: INF 2122H: Digital Preservation and Curation OR INF 2162H: Rare Books and Manuscripts OR INF 2161H: History of Books and Publishing OR INF 2331H: The Future of the Book OR INF 2228H: The Future of Things OR BKS 1001H: Introduction to Book History OR permission of the instructor (pre-requisites effective as of September 1, 2024)

Note: Previous course title was Analytical and Historical Bibliography until September 1, 2024