Art Librarianship in Theory and Practice


INF2312H — Art Librarianship in Theory and Practice

Art and design research has been revitalized by the revisionist impulse of visual culture analysis, which seeks to embed creativity within sociological and historical contexts. In response, art librarians must empower users to explore inter-disciplinary search tools that explore traditional aesthetic literature in relation to cultural studies.

Using case-studies to replicate practical experience with reference interactions, students will develop an understanding of how the new artistic environment informs all aspects of art librarianship from reference and instruction, to collection development and cataloguing. Issues of peer-review, artistic freedom, censorship, and intellectual property will be explored in relation to their impact on creative and intellectual production in the art and design environment.

Models of art and design libraries, archives, and museums will be analyzed in their differing roles in supporting creative activity.

Pre-requisite Note:  As of January 2018, the pre-requisite is INF1321H or INF1322H or INF1323H or INF1324H.  If you have taken the pre-requisite course INF1310H prior to January 2018 then you do not need to take NF1321H or INF1322H or INF1323H or INF1324H in order to take Art Librarianship in Theory and Practice.

Note: Formerly INF2302H Special Topics… No change in content. Offered every other year.