Cultural Interpretive Methods for Media and Technology


INF3014H — Cultural Interpretive Methods for Media and Technology

This course is a survey of cultural and interpretive methods as they are applied to the study of media and technology across fields such as media studies, science and technology studies, cultural studies, game studies, and internet studies. Students will learn about genealogical, analytical and interpretative approaches to media content and technologies as well as cultural and critical ethnographic approaches to the understanding of media audiences, online communities, and creative labour participants. The emergent ethical and political dimensions of cultural and interpretive research will be stressed. This course presents the opportunity for students to learn and apply foundational theories in the field of Media, Technology and Culture through coursework deliverables such as research papers, proposal reviews, and research design documents. This fulfills objectives such as PLO 2: Research and Scholarship – b. The ability to make informed judgments on complex and emerging issues in information studies, which may require the creation of innovative methodologies, as well as c. The ability to produce original research, or other advanced scholarship, of a quality to satisfy peer review, and to merit publication in diverse scholarly and practitioner venues.

Required course for the new PhD concentration – Media, Technology and Culture