Culture & Technology I


This course introduces ideas, readings, and research approaches that will help students examine the nexus of culture and technology. The course functions primarily as an introduction for students in the Culture & Technology concentration of the Master of Information program, but it provides knowledge and skills for any students exploring fields such as science and technology studies, critical media studies, digital humanities, media archaeology, cultural studies, and other established and emerging approaches to culture and technology. Readings and lectures will provide critical perspectives on received concepts such as technology, culture, and information, drawing on philosophical, sociological, anthropological, historical, literary, artistic, or other relevant approaches for these topics.

This course can be used to fulfil the “Critical Perspectives” Professional Requirement.

Note:  Previous course title was INF1501H: Culture  & Technology I. Effective September 1, 2024, new course title is INF1501H: Introduction to Culture & Technology.