Digital Discourse


This course (INF2225H — Digital Discourse) provides an introduction to the field of theoretical writing addressing the nature of digital media and the role of technology in modern and contemporary culture. In doing so, this course will consider a range of critical pressure points that have been central to media studies, technology studies, digital humanities, art and performance, cinema studies, and archival studies. How have developments in digital culture and theory impacted the critical commonplaces of analogy, time, space, sound, motion, network, body, and narrative? In dialogue with critical paradigms that have been fundamental to the discourse of critical theory, including affect, power, constructionism, archives, colonialism, nationalism, and the politics of race, gender, and sexuality, this course will provide students with the opportunity to scrutinize the work of a wide spectrum of thinkers central to critical theory in digital discourse.


Note: Formerly Special Topics in Information Studies: Digital Discourse. No change in course content.