Digital Preservation and Curation


This course (INF2122H — Digital Preservation and Curation) examines the creation, curation, conservation, and preservation of digital materials in both the public and private sectors and enables students to develop an appreciation of the principles of management of digital information in the context of digital longevity. Students gain an understanding of the organizational, technical, social, and economic challenges encountered when enabling the long-term availability of digital materials.

It provides an introduction to key models, workflows (from pre-ingest to dissemination), policies, characteristics of digital repositories, standards, metadata, annotation, audit and certification, technical approaches from hardware preservation to emulation, and future research challenges that need to be addressed if the preservation landscape is to be transitioned out of an arts and craft mode.

Pre-requisite: INF1003H or INF1342H, or written permission of the instructor.
Note: Formerly INF2302H Special Topics in Information Studies: Digital Preservation and Curation; no change in content.