Evidence-Based Healthcare for Librarians


Students in this course (INF2135H — Evidence-Based Healthcare for Librarians) will study how librarians support evidence-based healthcare: the integration of the best evidence into healthcare decision making. This course will provide an overview of the healthcare information ecosystem and systematic review methods. Topics covered include: the history of evidence-based healthcare; a critical understanding of the evidence pyramid; an in-depth investigation of bibliographic health science databases; and the roles of medical librarians in academic institutions, hospitals, and in under-resourced contexts. The course takes a practice-based approach to learning exhaustive, reproducible, and transparent search techniques; to the use of international reporting guidelines and conduct standards; and to software required to organize, screen, and document search results.

Pre-requisite Note:  As of January 2018, the pre-requisite is INF1321H or INF1322H or INF1323H or INF1324H.  If you have taken the pre-requisite course INF1310H prior to January 2018 then you do not need to take NF1321H or INF1322H or INF1323H or INF1324H in order to take Evidence-Based Healthcare for Librarians.

Note: Formerly: The course was named “Health Sciences Information Resources” and is now named “Evidence-Based Healthcare for Librarians” effective September 2017.  Description has changed.