Introduction to Statistics for Data Science


This course (INF1344H — Introduction to Statistics for Data Science) will provide students an introduction to statistics and statistical methods. It is intended and designed for students who have little or no familiarity with statistics in the Master of Information program so that their knowledge base is built on a solid foundation, which will prepare them for advanced data science courses in the program. This course emphasizes the application of statistical concepts and methods. This course will help students develop the ability to use quantitative methods to describe real world situations and to make ethical inferences and decisions based on the statistical results. Students will strengthen critical thinking skills to assess the value and limitations of measures and statistical estimates. This course will help students learn to construct reports that include meaningful charts, tables, and graphs for various audiences and that provide text that is appropriate for different audiences. The course will have lab sessions throughout the semester. The purpose of the lab session is to provide students with hands-on experience with data handling and regression analysis.