Metadata Mapping in Data Governance


This course (INF2233H – Metadata Mapping in Data Governance) examines metadata mapping in data governance across industries, including examples of initiatives in the financial services industry. By using current case studies and business cases, this course bridges theoretical content, strategic planning, and metadata management. Using practical applications of data management in Data Governance information systems, this course integrates concepts for how organizations centralize data as a strategic asset by mapping metadata and documenting processes into central hubs. This course examines the process of categorization in the context of metadata mapping to develop Data Domain Models, particularly, how metadata teams assess data across lines of business, at departmental and enterprise levels for categorization of this data into a Data Domain Model. Learning this material requires a case-based approach to examine industry, corporate, and data governance policies. This course covers key concepts of knowledge organization with a special focus on how engagement from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) across business and technical sides in organization in order to enrich term definitions and standardize information.

Co-requisite: INF2186H or permission from the instructor