Special Topics in Information Studies I: UX


This advanced course (INF481H1: Special Topics in Information Studies I: UX) allows students to investigate emerging issues, practices, theories, and innovations of user experience design. Held primarily in seminar format, students will lead and participate in discussions, activities, and workshops on a variety of topics relevant to the user experience field and the broader context of digital design and innovation. Students will be encouraged to think both creatively and critically about the social, political, and environmental factors impacting UX design theory and practice. Topics for the course include: understanding how to design for emerging technologies such as recommend or systems/strategies, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), voice and gesture interfaces, UX issues with integrating AI, accessibility UX design, Cross-Platform and Multi-Device UX, UX for video games and influence and leadership in UX design. Students will research the current and future state of UX practice following emerging research and industry trends.

Pre-requisite: INF352H1 or by permission of instructor