Special Topics in Information Studies: Libraries, Archives, Museums: Intersections and Tensions


The proposed course will compare the traditions, theories, and perspectives of LAMs, focusing on:
• the evolution of LAMS from the early modern period to the present day;
• key concepts of library science, archival studies and museum studies;
• professional ethics and values across LAMs;
• representation and interpretation across LAMs
• user engagement and meaning-making across LAMs;
• LAMs as physical and virtual spaces;
• collaboration and convergence across LAMs;
• the repositioning of LAMs as agents of social change in general and in response to the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada in particular.

Pre-requisite: For full-time students: successful completion of year 1 of either: the CRO or the MMSt or MI program. For part-time students: successful completion of 4 F.C.E.s in the CRO, or the MMSt or MI program.