The Emerging Museum Professional


MSL3900H — The Emerging Museum Professional

The Group of Ontario Emerging Museum Professionals defines an emerging museum professional as someone in the first 10 years of their museum career. According to the National Emerging Professional Network in the United States, “the word ‘emerging’ is subjective and means different things to different people. It cannot be defined by a length of time, level of education, title, or position. With constant advances and changes in the museum profession, one might consider themselves constantly “emerging” as they continually learn, grow, and develop new interests and skills.” MSL3900H integrates these two perspectives by introducing students to both the broad dimensions of the museum profession and the skills and learning strategies required to build a career in the field.

Characteristics of museum professionals include engaging in autonomous reflection to drive self-improvement and solve problems, dedication to and capacity for continuous learning, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, well-developed emotional intelligence, the exercise of sound ethical judgment and conducting oneself in a manner that elevates the profession.

Students in this course will identify and begin to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviors required of a museum professional. Through readings, group work, panel discussions and informational interviews, they will gain an understanding of the composition of the museum workforce and the nature of the museum workplace. Through MSL3900H, students will be prepared to undertake an internship placement, develop their professional identities and begin their journey from graduate student to emerging museum professional.

Notes: MMSt students entering the program in September 2021 will need to take MSL3900H if they want to take MSL3000H. MMSt students will no longer take INF3900H if they want to take MSL3000H.

Exlcusion: INF3900H: The Emerging Professional