The Emerging Professional


INF3900H — The Emerging Professional

The purpose of this course is to prepare students to hone their professional identity, professional communication skills, and professional learning capacity. Learning to become a capable workplace professional is as important as competence in one’s field of study. Characteristics of the capable workplace professional include: engaging in reflective practice to aid learning and to solve problems, valuing excellent communication and interpersonal skills, developing strong self-awareness, exercising sound ethical judgment, and developing an orientation to elevating their profession. The conceptual hub of the course is an exploration of the ideal type of ‘the professional’. Three overarching course themes are: (a) developing new awareness of learning and skills needed to become a capable workplace professional: (b) the reflective journey to develop one’s own sense of professional identity; (c) a practical emphasis on presenting oneself effectively in the job market. Students will become prepared to enter their field and to thrive as emerging professionals, both in student placements and beyond graduation. This course is recommended for first-year students contemplating the Co-op option and it is also suitable for graduating students contemplating the job market.

**Previously the course was called Workplace Integrated Learning, the new name is The Emerging Professional as of September 2019**

Note: Moving forward for Winter 2021: Museum Studies students will be taking MSL3900H: The Emerging Museum Professional as opposed to INF3900H: The Emerging Professional