Trusting Records


Trusting records: concepts, methods, perspectives aims to deepen students’ understanding of the concepts associated with record trustworthiness and the methods that have been developed for ensuring it within the archival discipline and to raise their awareness of other disciplinary perspectives on record trustworthiness.

By the end of the course (INF2146H — Trusting Records) students should be able to:

  1. understand and explain the concepts associated with record trustworthiness, e.g., trust, trustworthy, reliability, authenticity, evidence, proof;
  2. understand and explain how the concepts and methods associated with record trustworthiness have evolved over time and the assumptions and beliefs underpinning those concepts and methods;
  3. recognize how these concepts and methods are changing in the digital world; and
  4. recognize and differentiate between archival and other disciplinary perspectives on authenticity, e.g., those of law, history, art restoration, textual criticism.

Pre-requisite courses:  INF1330H or INF2175H

Note: Formerly INF2304H: Special Topics. Regular course starting 2016.