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Associate Professor Cosmin Munteanu appointed as PhD director

Submitted on Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Associate Professor Cosmin Munteanu has been appointed PhD director at the Faculty of Information to work together with Associate Professor Nicole Cohen, who will focus on the Media, Technology and Culture concentration. 

Cosmin Munteanu

Associate Professor Cosmin Munteanu

Munteanu is Associate Professor at the Institute for Communication, Culture, Information, and Technology at University of Toronto Mississauga, and Co-Director of the Technologies for Ageing Gracefully lab at University of Toronto. His area of expertise is at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction, Automatic Speech Recognition, Natural User Interfaces, Mobile Computing, Ethics, and Assistive Technologies. 

Cohen researches in the area of political economy of communication, particularly labour and organizing in the media and cultural industries, media work and journalism. She is the co-author of New Media Unions: Organizing Digital Journalists (Routledge 2020) and author of Writers’ Rights: Freelance Journalism in a Digital Age (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2016).

Nicole Cohen

Having these important leadership roles taken on by UTM professors will be of great benefit to both our Faculty and our doctoral students,” said Dean Wendy Duff, who will be chairing the Doctoral Admissions and Recruitment CommitteeGiven Nicole’s expertise and Cosmin’s understanding of the lab environment and supervision in the lab framework, I think they will make a great complementary team. I want to thank them both for taking on these roles for the coming year.

Both Cohen and Munteanu said they are looking forward to their new roles. “Working with graduate students has been a highlight of my time at U of T,” said Cohen, who added that she will serve as a link between the Faculty of Information and ACM/ICCIT faculty members supervising MTC students.

“I am very optimistic that a deeply consultative approach will help us identify actionable ways to advance our doctoral program, ensuring that doctoral students have a positive personal and academic experience,” said Munteanu, who also wants to elevate the equity, fairness and management of doctoral admissions.”