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Congratulations to our Graduating Award winners

Submitted on Monday, June 05, 2023

Meg Sutton addressing gradsThe Faculty of Information hosted its Convocation and Awards Celebration on Friday, June 2, at the Learning Hub right after the Spring Convocation ceremony. Recent grads and their families celebrated their achievements with delicious snacks, cheerful conversations and memorable pictures.

You can view the pictures from the event here.

Here are this year’s Graduating Award winners:



Bachelor of Information Awards:

Dean’s Excellence Award

  • Academic Merit: Marco Chau
  • Leadership & Community Involvement: Shae-Linn Davies

Master of Museum Studies Awards:

Canadian Museums Association (CMA) Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement

  • Neshan Tung

ROM Visitor Engagement Award – Current or Graduating

  • Marcel Robitaille

Dean’s Award for Academic Achievement

  • Jessica Fisher

Ukrainian Heritage Association & Museum of Canada Award in Museum Studies

  • Hannah Berney
  • Dahlia Bishop-Cotner
  • Romina Campanella

OMA & MMSt Excellence in Emerging Practice Award

  • Hanji Li

Master of Information Awards:

Beta Phi Mu Letters of Achievement

group of students

Sophie Andrade / Allyson Aritcheta / Emily Barber / Marcus Barnes / Christopher Barry / Julia Benedetti / Nataliya Bezsalova / Victoria Bowen /Avery Brzobohaty / Ashley Buttineau / Grace Carruthers / Frida Cerna Neri / Diana Chung / Heather Clayton / Gabrielle Crowley / Christina Cutler / Ginny Ekvall /Antonietta Fracassi / Devin Frede / Allison Graham / Rachel Grant / Emily Grybas / Mackenzie Hilton / Jessica Ho / Brianna Horton / Sabrina Hyjek / Bee Khaleeli / Nalissa Khan / Savannah Kimmerer / Lauren Lacey / Aerin Leavitt / Nadya Lim-Douglas / Sabrina Macklai / Laura McNally / Jildan Munro / Serena Ng / Christina Nguyen / Meghan North / Sarah Orman / Jane Park / Cynthia Phillips / Cristina Pietropaolo / Laura Reid / Jerome Scully / Mida Shaikh / Harshita Singh / Emily Smith / Meghan Smith / Marie Song / Zachary Standing / Madonna Vas Rodrigues / Tiera Velasco / Broghan White / Samantha Younan

ARMA Toronto Chapter Award

  • Joelle Monie

Dean’s Award for Academic Achievement

  • Critical Information Policy Studies: Aria Slippert
  • Culture & Technology: Sarah Snyder
  • Human-Centred Data Science: Benjamin Kelly
  • Information Systems & Design: Rashmi Elera
  • Knowledge Management & Information Management: Devin Frede
  • User Experience Design: Tian Yeu Lee

Douglas Armstrong Memorial Award

  • Chin Yi Chen
  • Harshita Singh
  • Jillian Munro

FIAA Outstanding Student Contribution Award

  • Marcel Robitaille

Gertrude M. Boyle Memorial Award in Cataloguing

  • Ashley Buttineau
  • Allison Graham

Jane Prescott Memorial Prize

  • Sabrina Macklai

Kathleen Reeves Memorial Award

  • Cynthia Phillips

Margaret Canning Public Librarian Prize

  • Diana Chung

OLA Anniversary Prize

  • Sarah Gram

Ontario Library Boards’ Association Award

  • Nataliya Bezsalova

The Rare Books and Manuscripts Award

  • Sophie Andrade

William Graff Memorial Prize

  • Meghan North

Major congratulations to the Class of 2023!