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Congratulations to our Hackathon winners

Submitted on Monday, March 06, 2023

Read more about the Hackathon and what it takes to be a data detective

Major congratulations to all the students who participated in and presented innovative solutions at the Data Science Hackathon, co-sponsored by Service Canada and held last week. Even a rare thundersnow storm didn’t stop the dedicated hackers working to foil fraudulent claims on behalf of the federal government.

The event concluded yesterday with an award reception for the winners. Here they are:

1st Place – Team Triple Threat

  • Victoria Chui, MI-HCDS
  • Tiffany Lee, MI-HCDS-UXD
  • Juliette Zaccour, MI-HCDS

The winners are pictured with Professor Kelly Lyons (left) and Mary Crescenzi, Assistant Deputy Minister, Integrity Services Branch, Service Canada (right)

2nd Place – Team Data Rats

  • Marcin Jaczynski, BI
  • Finn Korol-O’Dwyer, BI
  • Jason Ngo, BI

3rd Place – Team datatata

  • Vlada Gorchkova, MI-HCDS-UXD
  • Tashi Lhamo, MI-HCDS-ISD
  • Amy Li, MI-HCDS-UXD

Nancy Drew Award – Team JLT

  • Lidia Kojic, MI-HCDS
  • Josua Lutian, MI-ISD
  • Tashfia Nidhi, MI-HCDS-LIS

Michelangelo Award – Team 404

  • Aryan Chaurasia, MI-HCDS
  • Ryan Spencer, MI-HCDS
  • Leah Xu, MI-HCDS

Utopian Award – Team Data Devotees

  • Faustine Fan, BI
  • Teresa Lau, MI-HCDS-UXD
  • Eva Li, MI-HCDS-ISD