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Matt Ratto named fellow at new sustainable development think tank

Submitted on Monday, May 27, 2024

Five University of Toronto scholars, including Faculty of Information Professor Matt Ratto, will be the first to join a think tank focused on “convergence research” to study the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).    

On April 16, they became Fellows in the SDGs Scholars Academy. The Academy is part of SDGs@UofT. This Institutional Strategic Initiative brings together faculty, students and staff from diverse fields whose research interests are focused on the intersections of the 17 goals that serve as a blueprint for peace and prosperity. 

“The five Fellows, drawn from across U of T, were chosen for the depth and breadth of their research and their interest in engaging in open and transparent dialogue about the SDGs,” says Professor Erica Di Ruggiero, SDGs@UofT Research Director. 

Ratto’s research focuses on how theories and perspectives from technoscience research can usefully extend and contextualize design and engineering practice, particularly regarding new models of care. 

Read the SDGs@UofT announcement. 

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