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New matched grant for Black or Indigenous Students

Submitted on Tuesday, August 04, 2020

In response to the events of earlier this summer and the anti-Black racism movement, the Faculty of Information has accelerated its efforts to provide grants to students who are members of certain groups that have traditionally faced discrimination and oppression.

As a first step, the Faculty has introduced a new grant for students who self-identify as Black or Indigenous. All donations up to $25,000 will be matched dollar for dollar by the Faculty.

If you are able and would like to contribute to this timely initiative, you can donate here. Just scroll down and click on the tab marked “”Grant for Black or Indigenous Students Fund.

This award will be made based on financial need, and can go to full-time, part-time, undergraduate and graduate students. It will start to be disbursed as soon as there are sufficient funds available.

Thank you in advance for any donation you can make to this very important fund.