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Ontario Archives gets a GLAM makeover

Submitted on Friday, October 20, 2023

The Archives of Ontario has enlisted the support of the Faculty of Information’s GLAM Incubator as it looks to break new ground in the Canadian archival sector by doing away with the static and inflexible hierarchies of traditional archival finding aids, which fail to represent the complexity and nuanced reality of record creation, accumulation, use and re-use over time.

In collaboration with the GLAM Incubator and Profs Anastasia Kuzminykh and Shion Guha, the Archives of Ontario will be exploring the possibilities and potential benefits of a graph-based data model for archival description.

In its second 2023 project, the GLAM Incubator, Prof Sara Grimes and the Fredericton Public Library will collaborate to produce screen-based storytelling kits and a corresponding curriculum to foster digital literacy and creative skill-building in school-aged children.

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