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Professor Wendy Duff steps down as Dean

Submitted on Friday, August 12, 2022

Professor Wendy Duff will be stepping down as Dean of the Faculty of Information on December 31, 2022, UofT Vice-President and Provost, Cheryl Regehr, announced this week. Professor Duff is presently on administrative leave and Professor Marsha Chechik is serving as Acting Dean.

Professor Duff has served as Dean of the Faculty of Information with distinction. During her tenure, she has led substantial improvements in the Faculty’s operating budget, enrolments, programs, and space. She championed the new Bachelor of Information degree, a second-entry undergraduate program that focuses on interdisciplinary approaches to exploring data and society.

Under Professor Duff’s leadership, the Faculty has made significant changes to its existing Master of Information program to better support the Faculty’s academic mission, renovated its space with an emphasis on student engagement, and developed a new model for technology-enabled classrooms that provide a forum for teaching innovation.

Professor Duff has also taken the lead on developing strategic partnerships with the University of Toronto Libraries, as well as other cognate Faculties, to enhance the Faculty of Information’s administrative operations and create new opportunities for scholarly collaboration.

An advisory committee to search for the next Dean is currently being launched. Read more