Business Process Management and Mining


Business processes are pervasive in our lives: in banks, telecommunication centers, webservices, and healthcare. Processes in organizations are there to make sure that the business goals are achieved in an efficient way with the highest quality of products and/or services. The field of Business Process Management (BPM) focuses on improving an organization’s performance by managing, analyzing and improving its processes.

The first part of the course comprises basic concepts of Business Process Management. We shall learn the BPM lifecycle: (Re)Design, Modeling, Executing, Monitoring and Optimizing business processes. Moreover, we shall cover the methodological aspects of BPM such as modeling languages, model discovery, qualitative and quantitative analysis of processes models.

In the second part of the course, the focus shifts to a Data Science methodology for BPM, namely Process Mining. The students will learn the three basic steps of Process Mining: discovery of models from data, conformance analysis of the resulting models with data, and performance analytics. The emphasis of the Process Mining part will be on performance analytics.

The course (INF2166H — Business Process Management and Mining) will cover state-of-the-art literature, and as part of the final grade will require the students to present real business case studies on applications of BPMM in industry.

Note: Formerly a special topics course.  Effective fall 2020, the course is a regular course.