Data Governance in a World of Big Data


The goal of this course (INF2202H — Data Governance in a World of Big Data) is to prepare students for successful careers in the information profession by providing an understanding of the concepts and practices of Data Governance. Data governance is about formally managing critical data throughout the organization and making sure organizations derive value from it. Organizations are typically forced to stitch together separate clusters, each with its own business purpose or data stores and processes and unique data types such as files, tables, or streams. Data Governance capabilities creates structure for the complexity to allow organizations to navigate their data landscape more efficiently. Data Governance is generally achieved through a combination of people, process and technology to ensure the volume, variety, velocity, and veracity of data brings the most value in the form of data science and analytics.

Notes: Previously INF2402H: Special Topics in Information: Data Governance in a World of Big Data.  It is a regular course effective September 1, 2021.