Digital Archives For Minoritized Material: Ethics and Praxis


This course (INF2108H — Digital Archives for Minoritized Material: Ethics and Praxis) will introduce students to the emerging field of digital research ethics, including ethical protocols for the online publication of non-digital materials in a scholarly archive or other collection and for the use and collecting of born-digital materials in our research. In particular, the course will model intersectional decolonizing, queer, transgender, feminist and anti-racist justice frameworks and methods that prioritize accountability to the communities whose materials are being collected and/or published as a significant component of scholarly rigor. For scholars and information professionals committed to a justice-oriented digital research ethics is of prominent concern today in the intersecting fields of information studies, digital humanities and digital media studies.

Notes: Previously INF2308H: Special Topics in Information: Digital Archives For Minoritized Material: Ethics and Praxis. It is now a regular course effective September 1, 2021.