Managing Organizational Records II


This is an online course (INF2189H — Managing Organizational Records II) delivered through Blackboard. Students will work individually and in teams using online tools to meet with each other and complete assignments. The course will open with a live classroom session with teleconference support, and include two or three online conferencing sessions during the course. The course begins with a refresher on records concepts. This is followed by three sessions examining the records issues associated with the structured, unstructured, and web environments. Three subsequent sessions focus on the strategies required to address the issues for each of the environments. These are followed by two sessions focusing on the special topic of digital records retention and disposition and two sessions on developing enterprise-wide records management programs. Two graded ‘individual’ assignments will require each student to identify the issues they face in managing their own digital records and, by extrapolation, projecting on the kinds of issues that would be faced by a selected organization, and identifying the strategies they believe would best address the issues. Three graded group assignments are based on groups of five students working as consulting teams to identify records issues and propose strategies for both the individual recordkeeping environments and the organization as a whole.


There will be 2 face-to-face sessions: one at the beginning of the term and one at the end. Day/time to be confirmed.


Pre-requisite: INF2175H Managing Organizational Records I or permission of instructor
Note: Formerly: “Managing Organizational Records II: Digital Environments”. No change in content