Data Analytics: Introduction, Methods and Practical Approaches


The influx of data that is created, gathered, stored and accessed has given birth to some new areas of data analysis. The terms “predictive analytics”, “big data” and “data science” are prevalent in scientific as well as broad audience publications and often make part of new business opportunities. Understanding the significance of techniques that perform analytics and knowing how to interpret their results offers a unique advantage in the performance of information professionals within an organization.

This course (INF2190H — Data Analytics: Introduction, Methods and Practical Approaches) provides an introduction to the field of analytics, and therefore the extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, exploratory and predictive models to mine and discover unexpected but useful glimpses of previously unknown information. We discuss standard data mining algorithms that can be applied on both structured and unstructured data and experience their impact on decision making situations. The students will actively participate in the delivery of this course through case and project presentations.

Note: Students are strongly encouraged to have completed INF1003H, INF1340H, and INF1343H before taking this course.