Museum Studies Capstone Projects

Master of Museum Studies

MSL4000Y — Museum Studies Capstone Projects

In this course a cohort of students in the second year of their program work together throughout the fall and spring terms to prepare one or more exhibitions. The exhibition(s) will take place at the end of the second year at various University sites or in conjunction with local museums. Whereas, Museum Studies staff and the respective museum staff establish the exhibit’s parameters, students are involved in all aspects of its development. Exhibition projects must be approved by the Director and the Program Committee.

Note 1: This course is only open to MMSt students in their second and final year of studies/CDP students in their 3rd year and final year of study.

Note 2: This course was previously called MSL4000Y – Exhibition Project.  Effective September 2022, the new name is MSL4000Y – Museum Studies Capstone Projects.